Chinese football player gets sent off after dragging injury faker off the field

chinese footballer

I don’t know about you but I find it unbelievably frustrating when professional footballers dive and go down under a challenge (or would be challenge) like they’ve been shot even though no-one has even touched them. This video surfaced on and features a Chinese footballer reacting in the way most of us wish players would when they saw this type of stuff happening.

Shanghai Shenhua (who both Drogba and Anelka once played for) were involved in a relegation battle with Changchun Yatai when an incident between Shenhua midfielder, Wang Shouting (you couldn’t make this stuff up) and Yatai’s Matt McKay unfolded, where the latter went down like a sack of bricks like he had been nailed with a sniper bullet or something. It was all obviously a time-wasting tactic and Wang retaliated trying to drag the faking player off the pitch. Unfortunately, the ref didn’t view Shouting Wang’s (or is it Wang Shouting?) reaction as very gentlemanly, ultimately leading to him being sent off.

Good on you Wang Shouting… you’re a hero.

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