Child Gambino Releases Powerful New Track ‘This is America’


Admittedly, I have never been the biggest Childish Gambino fan but yesterday after the release of his latest piece of work ‘This is America’, everything changed. This powerful new video was released on the 5th of May on Saturday Night Live and has already reached over 14 million views, leading to a large amount of social commentary around the video itself and the deeper meaning to it.

Gambino & director Hiro Murai have worked together previously but this time around they produced a music video that has gone viral for it’s overly graphic & incredibly expressing scenes through this visual journey. It’s shot and staged in a gigantic warehouse & the raw and unapologetic nature of the video is what has made us watch it over and over again. His message is directed at ONE┬áperson who can make a change to the continued gun violence in America, and it’s definitely getting the message across.


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