New Chicken Licken advert features South Africa’s funniest lockdown moments

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken recently released their latest advert which pays tribute to the online personalities who have brought some light into our lives during this very trying year.

But the advert really honours the resilience of everyday South Africans – exploring what makes us such a resourceful and “soulful people”. From our ingenuity in getting around the rules of lockdown like national curfew and interprovincial travel to the people’s ability to find humour in just about anything.

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Chicken Licken’s commercial stars actor/comedian Tyson Ngubeni – who dubs himself as a “cultural expert” in the ad. It also features music producer and DJ Tira sharing a meal with Zulu-speaking white people and Max Hurrel’s ‘when people zol’ track – which features a sample of cooperative governance and traditional affairs minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s explaining of why cigarettes remain banned.

To top it off, the advert ends with jab at President Cyril Pamaphosa himself, when Ngubeni struggles to put on his mask correctly. Watch the full Chicken Licken advert below and read more on the latest local news, right here.

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