ChianoSky Is Back With “Worst That Could Happen” – Watch The Music Video Here

ChianoSky Is Back With "Worst That Could Happen" - Watch The Music Video Here


ChianoSky is a long term favourite of the team here at MyCityByNight and we’ve been kinda bummed having had to go through life without new music from her for the past couple of months. ‘Worst that could happen’ is a beautiful expression of the internal push and pull we all go through when it comes to the life choices set before us and shows a new side of the sultry local singer, writer and crush of the entire MCBN HQ.

The song is a bit of a departure for the Chiano, offering up a fresh, catchy sound to add to her undeniable vocal magic. So not JUST another pretty face in the South African music scene. ‘Worst That Could happen’ is taken from Chiano’s latest EP Hurricane.

Get it here:

hurricane chiano sky

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