Cheryl Cole gets a massive rose garden tattooed on her bum

cheryl cole bum tattoo

I love a mooiness who has an appreciation for body art but the latest bit of ink from uber hottie Cheryl Cole has forced me to rethink this. The songstress, who in the past didn’t have the best of times with footballer, Ashley Cole who cheated on her repeatedly while they were married, decided to get a rose garden tattooed all over her thighs, lower back and bum.

I give her props for sitting through what must have been one (or more) incredibly long and painful sessions to create this artwork but can’t help but feel it is a little bit overboard and will be the type of thing that she’ll regret when she’s old and has a saggy bum. That’s just my take though – there might be some of you out there that dig a bum tattoo or three.

Here’s a shot of Cheryl C’s bum before the latest addition:

cheryl cole bum tattoo 2

And here’s her bum post rose garden:

cheryl cole bum tattoo 1

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  1. It seems like a good idea to her. Thing is, the human body doesn’t remain in summer. Autumn comes, and the leaves wither and fall off. Then winter…

  2. I think it’s absolutely hideous and when she’s old and saggy it will look like that rose garden died a sudden painful death.

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