Chelsea fans when quizzed about transfers claim to know players who don’t exist

Chelsea fans talk about players that dont exist

It’s been pretty tough going as a Manchester United fan this season, which is probably why I find this video of some Chelsea fans analysing players that don’t even exist, extra funny. The premise is pretty simple – Talksport and a Manchester United Youtube fan channel teamed up and asking a whole bunch of Chelski fans outside Stamford Bridge about their opinions on made up transfer targets for the Blues of London.

Not wanting to seem like they weren’t following all of the news around their team, the fans proceed to spill plenty of insight about the various qualities that they had observed while apparently watching the players (who were all made up) that had been linked with Chelsea during the transfer period. It’s hilarious – “he’s got a great range of passing” is what one fan says when quizzed about the quality of Brazilian starlet Deanio.


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