Cheerleader writes a letter asking Nirvana to make her a video (even though Kurt Cobain is dead)


Every now and again good old ‘Murica gives us a good reason to question how they ever got to where they are as a country today – this is definitely one of those instances. One would think that pretty much everybody knows that Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of 90’s band Nirvana killed himself (although there is a conspiracy theory that says he was killed), thereby ending the amazing work of a great band. Even if you typed their name into Google and hit search, this fact would be one of the first to come up and somehow a cheerleader still managed to get it all wrong.

A cheerleader from Virginia Polytechnic in the USA sent a letter to SubPop records asking them if they could arrange for Nirvana to shoot a small promo video for Virginia Tech. Yes, for reals – this rather special case asked Nirvana for a shout out referring to the band as “her” instead of as a collective and that wasn’t even the worst bit. The rest of the letter leads me to question why anyone would even send their kids to an institution, when this is the level of smarts they leave with after studying there. Kurt Cobain has been dead for like ages now – I guess there’s a reason she’s the mascot.

nirvana cheerleader letter

Naturally SubPop thought they’d have a laugh and publish the letter on the internet as well as a fake reply from a bunch of randoms pretending to be Nirvana in a Youtube video. Here’s the message thread with the cheerleader (clearly stoked and still believing Nirvana had just replied to her) followed by the “Nirvana” video.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 10.29.27 AM


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