Check out the trailer for the Cannabis Inhaler

In this day and age there are countless ways to get your weed on from the good old, joint smoking, bong hitting and make-shift fruit devices to the new era of medically prescribed lollipops, chewing gum to baked goods, vaporizers and Dabbing. So just when we think we’ve seen it all, enter Weed Wine and the new Cannabis inhaler. That’s right an inhaler.

Introducing Vapen Clear. The worlds first THC inhaler, said to work in the exact same manner as a normal inhaler except without the Albuterole. The device also packs out a massive 10mg expenditure per pump giving you roughly about 100 pumps per cartridge.

And get this, the inhaler comes in 3 separate categories to suit your smoking preferences. There is a DayTime inhaler (with a sativa strain) a Nighttime inhaler (with an indica strain) and a Afternoon inhaler (with a gentle blend of both strains), this is genius!

Unlike a vaporizer that heats up the product, an inhaler uses a propellant to blast the medicine straight into your lungs. The design is said to be small and compact and it’s ingenious disguise as an asthma pump is the cherry on top. The cartridges can be customized to suit your needs and although it’s currently only available in the States, we are pretty sure this product is going to be a winner and available around the globe

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