Check Out Kanye West’s Full Ellen Meltdown Here

Check Out Kanye West's Full Ellen Meltdown Here

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Kanye West has never been one to shy away from controversy and saying weird stuff, but after appearing on the Ellen show at the end of last week to talk about his new album The Life Of Pablo, we think he’s really outdone himself.

During the interview he decided to embark on an extremely odd 7 minute long monologue about people, the paparazzi and how he was going to end bullying by designing clothes for kids. Oh and also how he had the ideas that would make the human race better over the next 100 years. Period. Knowing that she was on to some real internet gold, Ellen just kind of sat back, not saying a word and let Kanye go for it. Have a look at the full rant below:

My favourite bit is where he says he has to be the Michael Jackson of apparel – yeah ok mate, whatever you say.

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