Cheating Girlfriend Social Experiment Proves Most Guys Suck

cheating girlfriend

This is something we’ve all known for a long time – if it means a guy is going to get lucky, most of us don’t care that a girl is with another guy and cheating on him to get a sample of our goods. In the latest video from notorious social experimenter Josh Paler Lin, he employs an actress to act like a bit of philanderer by trying to get other guys to make advances of her even though it’s fairly obvious that she has a boyfriend already.

Most of the guys don’t even think about it, proving that most guys suck when it comes to morals in this particular area of life. Apparently we can expect a similar video using a cheating boyfriend in the next couple of weeks, which will be just as interesting to watch (I don’t think women look after each other as much as we’d like to think).

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