Charlie Sheen with Piers Morgan

Charlie Sheen has alway been one of my favourites since the early years, but now he is one of my newest super heroes!

Now for those of you that are old enough, you would realise that Charlie (aka The American Karel named after our very own loyal MCBN lover and designer of our header), has always been a loose cannon and has often been in the press for being off the reservation, only this time he has gone completely full retard as they say. I personally think getting pumped up to the eyes-balls on narcotics and booze and then locking a stripper/prostitute/pornstar in the cupboard is proper rockstar and hilarious!

For those of you that didn’t stay up till stupid O’ Clock to watch this the other night, then I recommend you watching it below.

He is hilarious and the reason why Hollywood exists.

Put it this way, if everyone was a boring little actor or actress in Hollywood, then why bother. Charlie is flying the old school flag of yesteryear and man all I can say is… Thanks for keeping me entertained and keeping it interesting for all these years Karel!

Enjoy the 3 part series thats rather interesting and hilarious in parts!

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