Change is good

A great deal of you would be familiar with the age old adage that goes something along the lines of “change is good for the growth of the soul”… although I may be making that adage up entirely on the spot to sound enlightened.

For the reason that MyCityByNight enjoys to keep things fresh and on the cutting edge of all things social media in the Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music and Sport categories of things, we decided that it was time to grow up- if only very very slightly.

We’ve made things around the site feel as good as Angelina Jolie’s hips and the crew thinks it’s for the better as far as easy browsing goes. So don’t freak out too much because everything looks different- we’ll hold your hand through the journey of change (while singing pop hits from the 90’s- sorry VH1 was on in the background when I was writing this).

Enjoy playing with the new site MyCityByNight alumni- we now have everything you need to stay up to date with the WHO WHAT WHERE & WHEN…

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