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Its been a fairly hectic journey for the very talented Chad Saaiman since overcoming a botched hijacking in Jozi earlier this year. After giving him a bit of time to get back on his feet and fighting fit we thought it best to catch up with this local muso to chat about Idols, Ari Gold and feinting fans.

MCBN: Where were you shot?

Chad Saaiman: I was shot in Glenhazel,Johannesburg and was also shot in the upper right side of my ribcage : )

Did it hurt?

Of course it hurt,the pain of the 5 organs hit by the bullet hurt more than the entry point of the bullet.

Did you manage to catch a look at your attacker’s face?

Yes,I did.

I’m sure that this whole endeavour has left you feeling a little bit angry? Can we expect a bit of mean twist in any of the upcoming songs, I mean if you were an American rapper you would have already had plaster on face.

Well,I’ve actually not been too angry,I was so close to death I chose to focus on life.I’ve been spending lots of time recovering in the best city in the World,Cape Town with family and friends.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Playing a sold-out Cape Town International Jazz Festival,K-Day and Kirstenbosch Summer Concert in one month.

You’ve had a few ops over the past couple of months, have they managed to remove all of the bullet now?

Yes,the bullet was removed from my left side,after it had surfaced,wonderfully.

Your new album, The Flight has been doing exceptionally well since it’s release earlier this year. Do you have a favourite song from it?

My favourite song off The Flight is “Thinking About You” as I believe it was made to be timeless and you just don’t find music like that in commercial side of the music industry these days.

I saw that you were in the audience of Idols SA Season 7- this is the competition in which all of us were first introduced to you and your immense talent. What do you think about this year’s contestants?

I’ve been a fan of the competition since UK Pop Idol in 2001,I love the show.I think that this year’s contestants are so much more authentic than the previous few seasons,and that there’s been a clear focus on artistry ahead of just vocal ability.This makes more sense for our music industry,and I’m happy about it.

Over the past couple of years you must have amassed your fair share of female (and male) fans. What’s the craziest thing that you have ever seen a fan do to show their undying love for you. (tagging you in their family photos, doing a love montage etc)

It would probably be the girl that fainted just after I hugged her.Not her fault though.

Other than getting well enough for me to beat you at football, are there any major plans on the horizon for the rest of this year?

Hahaha (for the 1st part of that sentence),I plan to get back on stage,starting on 2 Sept at Grand Arena (go big or go home) then back to promoting the album nationally during season.Summertime gigs are my favourite in Cape Town.Next year,I plan to take things to a whole different level creatively,compared to what I’ve done before.So be ready.

Smurfs, Pumpkin Patch or Ninja Turtles?

Ninja Turtles

Dogs or Cats?


What is your favourite restaurant?

Superette (Daytime) & Rick’s Cafe Americain (Night time)

What goes into an “ideal” night out for you?

Movie at the Cinema.Great company (prefer just 1).Then…Great food.Great looking but comfortable attire.Great scenery.Great sleep.

What is your favourite city?

Cape Town

If you could have 3 people in your entourage, dead or alive, who would they be and why would they be there?

1. Ari Gold (Entourage,Jeremy Piven) because he would make my career flourish and make me laugh at the same time with his ruthless approach to the business.

2. David Beckham because he just seems cool,and he would have a few great stories to tell,and then hopefully get me on trial with LA Galaxy so I can leave this music crap behind haha,just kidding.

3. Mila Kunis because…(Is this a family site?) she seems lovely and lots of fun.

Now for the famous MyCityByNight would you rather question:

Would you rather sing Diana Ross”s

“I’m coming out” while covered in chocolate on the main stage at this year’s MCQPOr instead

End every sentence off with the phrase “because there’s a party in my pants and you’re invited” for an entire day

I would sing Diana Ross’s “I’m coming out” while covered in chocolate on the main stage at this year’s MCQP

Untouchable by stereotype

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