Cell Phone Thief In Northgate Mall Gets Tackled HARD!

Thug Life

We love it when shit like this happens, shopper 1 – robber 0. A cell phone thief was taken down by one of the harder shoulder barges we’ve seen in a while allowing mall security to detain and catch the robber.

Well done Jacques Erasmus. This is what he said after the incident:

Whilst walking through Northgate Mall in South Africa, I heard people yelling. As you can see in the video I did not have to wait long to find out why. I found out afterwards that he stole 3 cell phones from a store, well that was until he lost possession of them soon thereafter.


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    1. Hey Kreg, just came across your site. Awesome what you wrote, if I was not the guy is the video I would have become very emotional but I need to keep it together, especially because of the articles where they tell our National Rugby Team to take a look at the footage. I trust they won’t for their sake cause that was more of a “close your eyes, bend your knees and try and propel yourself in more or less the direction of the object you intend on making impact with” move. And then also for my sake of-course, having finally reached my midlife crisis, experiencing gout and being in bed by ten latest after “The Braai’, that only started at 8. Sad I know, but when you read an article like that about yourself, you, or rather I, cannot lie by saying I read it with confidence. Just kidding though, cannot wait until that first kick off. Thank you for mentioning me on your site.

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