Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets Is Back (& It’s Still Funny)

Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets Is Back (& It's Still Funny)


Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves has been around for quite a while now as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s arsenal for his live entertainment show and rather surprisingly it’s still just as funny. People really do invest quite a great deal of creativity to come out with their fairly unique trolling tweets, which is why you almost have to give them props, even though what they’re saying is pretty mean.

This new episode features a bunch of celebs like Margot Robbie, Norman Reedus, Greg Kenner, Chris Evans and Melissa McCarthy all reading some of the majestic tweets about them and their choice of movies/shows.

“Margot Robbie needs to be tongue punched in the fart box” – I mean damn… that is a creative insult if I ever did hear one. Check out the video below:

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