Celebrating St Paddy’s Day!

Last night saw the first team practice for The Football Club before our dreaded grading match to see where we are positioned in the league for our indoor soccer championships. After a little huffing and puffing around the field, we all decided to head through to the Dubliner for some drinks to celebrate St Paddy’s day and get some proper GEES flowing before the up coming game.

I arrived to meet Ricky ByNight who was already inside and realised I was walking into a huger party then I could have expected. Kennedy’s and The Dubliner were filled to the brim with people, I really enjoyed the mix of local folk and tourists inside the Dubliner/Kennedy’s. Everyone sporting some kind of green outfit or had face painted with the Irish clover on it or some sort of disguise.





Very good night overall…

Even Greame Smith came through and made a little appearence with his stupid little broken middle finger.

Hope everyone had a great St Paddy’s Day

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