Caught Naked On Google Street View – 40 Stella Rd Plumstead


This just got sent to us and its brilliant!

Right here in our very own Cape Town this guy has been caught in the buff outside! Pic below but here is the link to the address [HERE] for you to go and navigate yourself!

The address in 40 Stella Rd Plumstead, just off Dick Burton (yes it’s that funny that it’s off DICK Burton)!

Kuk Funny!

Please help us track this guy down!

Click pic to enlarge… Excuse the pun!

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    1. Why?
      Is his unclothed state killing anyone? Will he bring on the four horses of the apocalypse earlier than planned? Corrupt and traumatize your kids with a penis that isn’t even visible in detail?
      Google Streetview may be fun, but it’s also an Orwellian tool.

      ‘Let’s find out this guy’s name and hunt him down relentlessly until he commits suicide!’
      Shame on you all.

  1. LOL! I reckon there is a story behind this pic..

    I can imagine this guy was getting it on with the whoever inside when hubby unexpectedly came home. Running out the backdoor, google drives by and snap… busted!

    Mail this photo to the above address?

  2. Thanks Jakes 😀 The Street View said 40, but if its 32 thats also cool. All i do know is… ITS FAAAARKING FUNNY!
    It’s also great that for once it’s here and not some pic from overseas like we have all seen.

  3. ah shame, he jumped out the window running away from ones daughter or wife…poor guy

  4. Not excited about a small naked man its just fucking funny to see that even in ur own house u can still be caught on camera … he looks really crazed this guy the way he standing outside maybe the hubby coming for him 🙂

    Very very funny stuff here .. hope i dont get caught out like that..

  5. I lived in number 40 when this neighbourhood was mapped.

    The house in question is number 46.

    It doesn’t take much brain power to figure out the correct address! All you had to do is find the nearest readable number on a house wall and count up or down in twos!

      1. Howsit Wayne.

        Thanks for clearing that up for us.

        So 48 is the real culprit. Hahaha.

        Step forward sir.

  6. Nothing like Google Street View to have a bit of a fun. This way people can see how things work in other places, and that can change the way they see others. After all there’s only one coloured human race. About the guy, he’s ok. No need for makeup. I guess he is going to be the most international guy in Plumstead.

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