Catching Up with Grassy Spark


Fresh from winning the opportunity to play at the recent Vodacom In The City Music festival, we had a chance to catch up with local band Grassy Spark to talk fans and plans for the future.


MCBN: How do you feel about landing the opportunity to play alongside a host of stellar acts at VITC this year? It seems like this event has really grown into something massive over the past few years.

Grassy Spark: Feels incredible. Every single international brought top quality musical experiences, all unique in many ways. To play along side such amazing internationals has been an honour, especially playing with The Cat Empire, one of the dreams we had starting 3 years ago have already come true!

What kind of sets will you be putting together for your next couple of gigs? Just the hits or will we hear some new stuff?

High energy. Musical connectivity. Positive vibes. Non-stop dancing. Hits, New stuff, old stuff, somebody elses stuff; expect it all; most importantly expect the Love, always.

What has been your favourite gig thus far and why?

Rocking the Daises/VITC, got to open for, observe closely, and make friends with our heroes The Cat Empire; who are the friendliest people and the most incredible musicians we’ve ever had the honour of watching. Wow!

So Justin Bieber’s fans call themselves Beliebers and Lady Gaga has The Monsters. Do your fans call themselves anything special?

Nothing yet, but keen to hear!

Speaking of fans… have any of them done anything really crazy to show their love for you? (we’re talking about the panty on fire on stage type stuff here)

Also nothing too hectic yet, we’re still babies; I reckon most of CT knows us really well; but more people need to get to know who we’really’ are before anything like that happens haha. We are slowly revealing all. We do have one fan who claimed to be part of a campus magazine, did an interview with us, didnt take any notes, just stared a lot really; and the article never came out. Months to follow the picture she took for the ‘article’ was uploaded as her profile picture; this was a picture of Yanick and Josh – she wasn’t even in it, and if this isn’t Love, we don’t know what is haha.

If could perform with any one band/musician who would that be?

Well this has been done and dusted. The Cat Empire of course. Got to perform on the same stage and got to boogy to and with them, twice this weekend!

Any interesting quirks in your rider? We’ve heard coconut water and the spirits of 13 white doves normally does wonders in getting you ready for a gig.

Who told you this? this information was never suppose to be leaked; its top secret!!! Might have to get our hackers to erase this article, as well as MyCityByNight and all those involved in putting it together. Hectic. Jokes 😉

If you had choose between playing a 21st or wedding, which would you choose and why?

Definitely a 21st because you know homies are going to be freaking out that they are 21 and so will their friends, but a weddings also great, cause you know we all about that Love and Romance vibe; what is a wedding reception without a vibey wedding band- we’ll be that band, we’ll be the soundtrack to your babymaking later on, we know how to prep listeners for optimum baby making vibes!!

Where to from here? Have you guys got anything big coming up we should look out for in the next couple of months?

From here we have a couple big gigs and tours coming up, with acts such as The Nomadic Orchestra, Al Bairre, Shortstraw, and many more. We will be going into the new year with our homie Jeremy Loops, and will be releasing a session he joined in on that we did at Popsicle Studios a few months ago. Er’body can expect a full length album next year Feb featuring some of these pretty peeps.

If the peeps out there want to find out more about you where can they do so?

Type in Grassy Spark in your Facebook, Your Twitter, Your instagram, we’re there and will be everywhere soon. Prepare for the most infectious vibes!!

To find out more about these top peeps check them out online at:

Twitter: @GrassySpark

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