Catch Him Derry – The Moment A Bat Caused Havoc In An Irish Home

Catch Him Derry - The Moment A Bat Caused Havoc In An Irish Home

Aaah – the Irish are a spectacular people and in the video below we get to see an absolutely hilarious few minutes of a dad trying to catch a BAT with a towel after it flew into their kitchen while his terrified family yell “catch him!” from the sidelines.

Tadhg Fleming filmed his dad Derry’s futile attempts trying to catch and chase the bat in their house in Kerry, Ireland, with properly hilarious commentary:

He can be heard shouting:

“Come on Derry, catch him. You’re going to need a bigger towel. That’s it, get him now.”

While all of this is going on, the mom can be seen hiding behind a door with her nose pressed against the glass, watching the epic drama unfold until the family’s pet dog runs into shot and wets himself from excitement. You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

Eventually Derry manages to catch the bat and lets him go out the back door, calming everyone down and leaving the entire internet in stitches.

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