Castle Lager launches the #BraaiPhone app


Castle Lager yesterday announced the launch of its BraaiNation app, which effectively transforms your Apple or Mandroid smartphone into the much-anticipated BraaiPhone. This is the thinnest and lightest app ever, completely designed to feature stunning displays of T-bone, fillet, wors and chops. An essential app for any South African, with blazing fast performance – all while delivering an even colder beer and perfectly cooked steak.

The BraaiPhone has more than three features including: the best braai tips, beer timer, recipes and braai timer. “The BraaiNation app is the most beautiful consumer app that we’ve ever created,” says Jason Goliath, Castle Lager Braai Relations Officer (B.R.O). “We’ve packed an amazing amount of innovation into this BraaiPhone and we think consumers are going to love the functionality that assists with the cooking of your meat and cooling of your beer.” South Africa’s most advanced braai application, BraaiNation App, is now available on BraaiOS and Mandroid.

Pricing & Availability

The Castle Lager BraaiNation App is FREE to download HERE (BraaiOS) and HERE (Mandroid). 

Follow Castle Lager on TwitterFacebook and YouTube and be part of the Braaivolution.

It all comes together with a CASTLE.


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