Cassper Nyovest wants to Fill Up The Dome – let’s help him do it

fill up the dome

We’re big fans of Cassper Nyovest here at MyCityByNight and some time back saw him talk about his aspirations to see the same levels of support for local artists here in South Africa as were seen when International acts visit our shores – something that we’ve always advocated as a homegrown provider of content that competes with many established global brands. It’s a really weird phenomenon where most of us are more willing to fork out some cash to go and see Chris Brown, than get behind one of our own, who is blessed with just as much if not more talent. That’s where the idea to fill up the dome was born… Here’s what Cassper had to say:

Ever since I was a kid I dreamt about a day like this. Lights!!! Music!!! 20 000 people screaming my name!!! Was it a selfish dream??? Was it about power ??? Was it about fame??? Was it even realistic ??? I mean I’m good at what I do but I’m no Kanye west or Chris Brown right??? Wrong!!! In life you choose how big your dreams are and if you want to follow them or live in societal stereotypes, the cycle of self-hate and lack of patriotism. I am a strong believer in God; anything and everything can be done through him!!!

I have been growing my faith from strength to strength by exercising it for a night like this. For a very long time we have put our South African stars 2nd in line. Whether it is radio AirPlay or sales. It’s high time all that stops because we are the future and we have all it takes to take over the world and it starts here. I am taking a leap of faith and saying a South African star can do anything that any “international artist” can do, given the same platform. On the 31st of October I am doing my first 1 man concert at the famous venue “The Dome” in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The venue takes 20 000 people and I am attempting to pack it up to capacity.

I chose this time because I think it’s the perfect time to do it. With South African Hip Hop on the rise, we need something like this to make the statement “WE ARE THE FUTURE” and that “NOBODY CAN STOP US”. This night will go down in history as the first South African One Man Concert at the Dome and it will be documented and turned into a DVD that will be used to inspire South African and African kids to believe in themselves and believe that they can do anything they can imagine if they apply themselves, work hard and pray harder. Join us and let’s make history!!!

A line up of African supporting acts will be announced soon!!! Come on everybody!!! Let’s FILL UP THE DOME!!!!

Stay tuned for more details and get your tickets at

Facebook: Fill Up the Dome
Twitter: @fillupthedome
Instagram: @fillupthedome2015
Lets make history South Africa!!!


31 October at 13:00 to 1 November at 02:00

Coca-Cola Dome

North Riding, Johannesburg, South Africa

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