Cargo Hold Is Where Food Meets Cocktails And Comedy

Cargo Hold Is Where Food Meets Cocktails And Comedy


Don’t miss Cargo Holds monthly food meets on Saturday, October 29th from 6pm where it won’t be just about good wine and great cocktails, but also about having a really good laugh. Catch top local comedian Carvin Goldstone, 2-time Comedy Show winner and arguably one of Durban’s most loved and most successful comedians, his ‘family-friendly’ style has won him legions of fans across the country.

Open, honest, and intelligent, Carvin weaves a rich tapestry of stories about living in the Rainbow Nation, touching on the differences and similarities between all of us, with hilarious consequences.

With a tremendous talent for accents and impersonations, this unassuming, instantly likeable man effortlessly crosses racial and cultural divides, leaving audiences young and old roaring with laughter at his intelligent and insightful musings on life in South Africa.

His wide, cross-cultural appeal means that there is no audience that won’t find him hilariously entertaining!


Next up on the night is Darren Maule. Whether he is on a beach, battling the elements, playing a serious role in a television series, Mc’ing a black tie event, chairing a gameshow or standing in front of an audience in a smoky room and making them laugh until their sides are sore…Darren Maule is the consummate performer – equally comfortable in front of a microphone, a camera or a live audience.

Darren has been a familiar name and face on the South African entertainment circuit for over 16 years. As well as being one of South Africa’s top stand-up comedians, he has starred in award winning television series’ as well as numerous advertisements both locally and internationally.

The food meets cocktail and comedy evening, together with Brand House, will provide a unique platter snack menu which will allow guests to eat and drink while enjoying the comedic amusement on offer.

On arrival, guests will be treated to a Charles Smile – Taquery Gin, Pineapple and grapefruit juice with sage syrup cocktails. Once seated, served starters will be Prawns on spikes with a herb marinade served with sesame sweet chili sauce; Beetroot, feta and basil tartlets with micro greens; Home-made Feta and jalapeno spring rolls with cucumber chili dip and Thai chicken and cucumber and pickled ginger spikes with satay dip. The cocktail to compliment the course will be a Bulleet Apple Sours – Bulliet Whiskey, apple syrup, apple juice and iced tea. Yum!

Main course platters are Mini Lamb Bunny Chows served with Sambals; Crispy battered goujons with sauce tartar and lemon wedges; Little bowls filled with beef strips and julienne vegetable stir fry, micro greens and parsnip chips; Parmesan mustard marinated fillet spikes served with a red pepper chutney and mustard aioli and Teriyaki salmon cubes on bamboo forks with wasabi mayo and pickled ginger, and with this enjoy a Citrus Delight – Smirnoff Citrus, Orange, Lemon, naartjie,  elerflower Syrup and iced tea.

To end the side splitting evening, desserts will be Mini Southern Red Velvets; Mini Crème Brulees; mini Decadent Chocolate Brownies; fresh fruit sticks together with White chocolate Martini cream, White chocolate liqueur and Vodka

Seating is limited so book now for only R250.00, which includes the above cocktails, meals and comedy. For more information or to make a reservation, contact Cargo Hold on 031 328 8065/8066 or visit .


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