CarbonEventsBars x MyCityByNight Festival Calendar

Carbon Events Bars – South Africas leading bar service provider, to the number 1 festival destination in the world, proudly presents to you the 2019 / 2020 festival calendar. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the best events taking place in South Africa from inclusive of dates, lineups, ticket info and links – all neatly compiled into one space for your convenience. From music to art, tech, food, fashion and conventions – we got you covered!

The calendar is sectioned by area; Cape Town, Johannesburg, Plett and Durban. Click on the event of your choice to reveal more information.

Carbon Events Bar Services has grown from strength to strength over the past 10 years as the country’s leading Bar Services provider by assisting the majority of South Africas event organisers to alleviate ever-increasing financial pressures by assisting to attain increased revenues, decreases costs and increased revenue sharing (sometimes by up to 300%) allowing them not only upkeep, but to surpass current levels of production superiority that we have been lucky enough to see over the past few years.

They have achieved this whilst simultaneously recruiting the best bartenders in the industry, reducing bar waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction offered to festivalgoers.

Youth, effervescence and flexibility have allowed them the cohesiveness and consistency to offer their transparent, hands-on and hassle-free pillars of strength with their better deal guarantees that ensures every event organizer will have the opportunity to grasp the benefit of a partnership with them. – MyCityByNight

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