Cara Frew On Working With Black Coffee

IMG_0978Black Coffee’s EP launches tomorrow at

‘A Night with Black Coffee’ which will be the first ever live broadcast concert of its kind in South Africa at Shine Studios in Johannesburg. The live showcasing is billed to be the opening event of the ‘A Night with Black Coffee National Tour’. This is the first ever-official Black Coffee national tour that will feature a number of massive, star-studded concerts across the country. Black Coffee launches his new EP via a new South African App for Music called GONGBOX. The 1st 5000 people to register will get his new Single “I will find you ft Cara” for Free. GONGBOX: 

“I met Black Coffee exactly 1 year ago at ADE in Amsterdam. It is such an honor to be associated with a talent that not only makes world class music but who also pushes all boundaries and has overcome all odds. He is such an inspiration. It has been a big dream of mine to work with Black Coffee so you can imagine my excitement when I finally did get his interest after I posted a live video of my Nelson Mandela tribute track on the day of Madiba’s passing. Black Coffee has been extremely encouraging and supportive far beyond my expectations. He is extremely professional and not only wants to build SA music but make a difference in the lives of others. We have been working a lot via email as I have spent most of this year in Europe. I am a South African show jumper and was picked for the SA team to represent at the World Equestrian Games this yearn which meant that the majority of my time was spent in France where I was training. As both Black Coffee and I travel consistently it was hard to find a day in which our schedules coincided. It was about 2 months ago, on the day that I flew back to Europe on my last visit to SA that we finally got the chance to get into studio. Together with Black Coffee’s good friend and talented song writer Soulstar, we wrote “Ill Find You” Our track wasn’t complete as we still had a pending chorus so I wasn’t expecting anything but a month later I got a call from Black Coffee asking where in the world I was. I said Im currently in France, he said, “would you be able to be in Paris next week to shoot our music video?” and as you can imagine my response was, “I will make a plan!” We shot the music video tougher in Paris in between his tight gigs schedule and my World Equestrian Games training. As we hadn’t yet finalized our chorus, a studio day in paris was booked too. Everything came together like it was meant to be. What a pleasure it has been working with Black Coffee, I have huge respect for him and am blessed to not only be associated with him musically but have made a friend for life.”

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