Cara Delevingne Massages Her Boobs in Support of Testicular Cancer

Cara Delevingne - Balls not Boobs

Cara Delevingne has used her lady bits to raise awareness for testicular cancer in a short clip posted on Instagram. The super model famous for being an absolute mooiness and taking the first ever runway selfie, used the video to drum up a bit of a fuss in aid of the testicular cancer #FeelingNuts campaign.

“You need to cup them. Really give them a good squeeze, you know, give them proper inspection,”

says the gorgeous 22-year-old model while cupping her boobs.

“Cut!” “This isn’t about boobs. This is about balls.”

says the director

“What? Little problem… I don’t have any balls,”

muses Cara, instantaneously making zillions of guys around the World sad that they aren’t dating her and aware of the fact that they should probably pay more attention to their balls.

The original Instagram video is already sitting on over 170 000 double-tap-to-likes, which is a job well done if you ask me. Cara isn’t alone in her support for the #FeelingNuts campaign, being joined by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz who have shared images of themselves grabbing their crotch while including the hashag in their posts.

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