Captain Morgan rescued Jack Parow & delivered him to Oppikoppi

Jack Parow & Captain Morgan

You may or may not have heard about the supposed detainment of the Jack Parow before OppiKoppi due him “disturbing the peace” on a catamaran at the Vaalkop Dam 60km South East of Northam, causing quite a bit of buzz amongst fans on social networks who were worried about him not making for his set at the festival. As it turned out, Jack was delivered to Oppikoppi by none other than Captain Morgan himself early on Saturday morning, sending the dust-covered fans who were waiting to see if he’d pitch for the gig into delirium.

The Captain, whose namesake spiced gold rum was the sponsor of this year’s OppiKoppi festival, which is already quite the adventure, showed punters the essence of the brand and how to LIVE LIKE A CAPTAIN by creating a scenario where fans got experience how the infamous Jack Parow was rescued and delivered to them by the mythical man- all without even going near a ship.

When it came time for his scheduled performance at 1am on Saturday, fans watched the big screens as OppiKoppi flighted a two-minute video showing their favourite “Pirate of the Caravan Park” apologising via cell-phone for missing his show. Moments after the video ended, the feed picked up again and the crowd saw footage of a daring escape wherein Jack Parow gets rescued by Captain Morgan, using his alluring Morganettes as a decoy.


The video ended with Jack Parow bursting onto stage and busting out festival favourite “Afrikaans is Dood”, followed by a 60 minute set of the usual heat that he brings.

In my books… that’s a fairly decent way to show the World that – “a captain never leaves a crew member behind”. If you want to check out the video of what fans experienced when they got to re-live Jack Parow’s rescue by The Captain, head on over HERE.

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