Capital Craft and Devil’s Peak Present Hop on Hop off Pale Ale

Hop on Hop off Pale Ale
Hop on Hop off Pale Ale | Artwork: Jean De Wet

From the green gardens of the beer legends of Pretoria to the heart of the beer masters of Cape Town: Capital Craft in collaboration with Devil’s Peak Brewery present to you their own limited edition Pale Ale: HOP ON HOP OFF. An offering featuring a lovely array of fruit dominating hop aromas ranging from citrus to tropical fruits with a mild malt backbone, produced from Capital Craft’s own homegrown hops and brewed at Devil’s Peak Brewery.

Hops are primarily used in the beer brewing process as a bittering, flavouring and stability agent in beer, to which, in addition to bitterness, they impart floral, fruity, or citrus flavours and aromas. After a visit to the hop farms near George, Niel Groenewald from Capital Craft arrived home with a sample of African Queen hops. Hops are not supposed to grow in Pretoria, but after years and years of trying at Capital Craft, the hops finally took flame and grew into a lush forest surrounding their outside deck.

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After harvesting, the Capital Craft team dried the hops and packaged them into a very suspicious-looking parcel for the trip to Cape Town, where they went straight to the brewery and started brewing their very own beer! Head brewer at Devil’s PeakJC Steyn was very happy with Capital Craft’s samples and decided to use a base IPA and whole cone dry-hopped it with their hops, and thus HOP ON HOP OFF PALE ALE was born.

For the artwork, it was a no brainer that artist Jean De Wet, an old friend of the Capital Craft team who has done many art pieces inside the Capital Craft restaurant, needed to be the guy to make the art for their first beer. 

“From planting a ‘simple seed’ to collaborating on a fantastic beer and ultimately entrenching dreams and friendships… One hop at a time!” – Wouter Rothman, Devil’s Peak Brewery.

“We would like to say thank you to Wouter, Wynand, Christiaan, Des, JC, Hein and the entire Devil’s Peak team for their hospitality and for the lifelong memories. Now let’s have a draught and celebrate the magic that is craft beer!” – Johan Auriacombe, Capital Craft.

700 Liters of HOP ON HOP OFF PALE ALE was made and will be available to Capital Craft patrons from Friday, 21 May.

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