Thats right, there is a CAPE WINE FARMS APP – And its AWESOME!

Why, because a: the Cape is a wine haven and b: now you have an app to help you navigate it, make it social, score awards
​and other goodies from the farms in the app, as well as find events associated with these wine farms.

So if you are as big a wine-lovers as we are, then this is your app of 2017, for sure!

What can you do with the App?

  • Shop in the The Cape Wine Farms Online Shop: Buy products and experiences with the points you earn on the Cape Wine Farms app!
  • Get free stuff on the Cape Wine Farms Online Shop: See below how you do this.
  • Friends: Connect with friends and compete on the new “local scoreboard” to see who is the ultimate wine farm lover among you!
  • Public and private profiles: See what your friends are up to or which badges they have won!
  • Check into wine farms and earn badges! See them all here.
  • Data, Data, DATA: Accurate data available for over 330 wine farms currently listed (and increasing daily!)

How to get free stuff on the Cape Wine Farms Online Shop?

The biggest change in the new version of the Cape Wine Farms app is that points are now worth money! Users gain points by checking in at wine farms and can use these points to buy items from the Cape Wine Farms Online Shop. 100 points = 1 Rand. So if you have 20 000 points, you can purchase something for R200 or less for FREE from the online shop! If you have less points than the value of the product, you can still pay for the difference using your credit card.

It’s available for iOS and Android on most tablets and phones, SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!



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