Cape Town’s new eastern take-out concept – Curry Club Reviewed.

Just earlier this month a brand new food concept and outlet launched in Cape Town called Curry Club. As with everything, we enjoy our concepts fresh out the box so all we decided to stay in for an office dinner last Thursday and placed an order online. The menu is short and comprehensive offering a jam-packed variety of authentic less westernized Indian cuisine with the main focus on Curry of course. The idea is purely order-in with no actual sit down restaurant much like the local Chinese outlet Monks. The Club only opens from 5 pm while during the day scrumptious and decadent prep ensues.

With only three of us at the office, we decided to try a trio – Curry Club Tikka Masala (chicken) Lucknow Lamb Kastoori (lamb) and the Bangain Mirchi Ka Salan (Vegan). As we passed our dishes round to sample each meal one thing became apparently clear – this was no ordinary fast food, in fact, there was nothing fast about. The flavours of each dish were vibrant and abundant. The meat dishes were succulent, soft and tender and immersed in the flavour of their designated curry flavours. All evidence of a legitimate Curry, prepared by authenticly trained Curry chef/s and done so slowly over a few hours of prep.

Curry Club Tikka Masala

The Tikka Masala had a unique smokey garlic taste infused with ginger and yoghurt which had been fired in a Tandoori oven. Our Vegan dish of aubergines smothered in coconut and mustard-seed gravy melted into one heavenly flavour full texture on our palates even convincing our teams staunchest meat eater Kreg. However, the most fragrant and palate tingling dish had to be The Lucknow Lamb Kastoori, not for the faint-hearted curry clubber, however, this one is for die-hard Indian cuisine fans and was my absolute favourite.

Lucknow Lamb Kastoori

All of our dishes above were delivered along with a bowl of complimentary Basmati rice. But, as per usual that’s never enough for us, and besides, we always listen to our eyes, so we also ordered three of the most outrageously flavoured and textured Samoosas, so unique to the Curry Club, I can guarantee that you have never tasted a Samoosa like this before. Named the Little Chicken and Cumin Samoosa, we can promise there was nothing little about them or their earthy flavours.

Lastly but certainly not most least was our side order of  garlic Naan bread – I’ll be honest, it was a tough hill after the Curries and Samoosas, however, we left no man behind and sat together in disbelief munching on our last pieces of Naan bread, mind-blown by our dishes and quite sad it was over.

For the first time in a long time, I have nothing but positive feedback for an outlet. You simply can’t go wrong with a niche and comprehensive menu, cooked and prepared by authentically trained Chefs topped with speedy and friendly service – Curry Club has definitely gotten off to a mega start in our opinion.

We will definitely be back soon so keep your eyes peeled for more juicy reviews to come. For more information follow the Curry Club Fanpage and check out their website and mouth-watering menu below. Phone lines open 5 pm sharp!

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