Cape Town’s latest Techno event is here: VAULT

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VAULT is a new event series in Cape Town looking to push the boundaries of the music played in clubs. We managed to ask the hosts a few questions.

MCBN: Who is the team behind VAULT?

VAULT is a team of four. Calvin, DJing as Spaceman, hosted the BNKR events at the now defunct Bullion. Michael, co-founder of techno record label Black Void Musik, and founder of the event series, Love Peace Techno. Jed, DJing as JED, founder of Champagne, an event series and platform for guest mixes. And lastly, Dino, a techno purist and enthusiast, and an extensively experienced European clubber.

MCBN: What is the inspiration behind VAULT?

Each member of our team, being avid techno fanatics, has travelled frequently to Europe to attend major techno events, from larger festivals, like Time Warp, to the more intimate club nights, such as Tresor, Trouw and Berghain. It was on these special nights, when drawn into the chaos of the underground, that we were truly inspired by not only the music, but also by the ethos of the night, the liberation, the crowd, and the incomparable energy, which has marked these nights as historical moments in the clubbing world.

And so it is from these unique experiences, that we have taken our inspiration for VAULT.

MCBN: Can you give an example of the type of music that will be played at VAULT?

The music is core of VAULT, the heart of our inspiration, from which everything else flows. For the first time in Cape Town, we are going to bring what we call a truly authentic techno experience, unique, avant-garde, and raw.

Example artists: Oscar Mulero (Polegroup), Speedy J (Electric Deluxe), Niereich (Abstract), Moerbeck (M_REC LTD)

Example track: Dax J – WirLeben Für Die Nacht (Monnom Black)

MCBN: What do you hope for people to gain from this experience?

What we really hope is that during the night clubbers begin to feel as if they have wandered into a proper underground European techno club, where we hope they will experience something entirely new. The quality and forward thinking approach to the music should be the highlight of the night. It will be a paradigm shift from the usual Cape Town club scene. We also hope that the clubber’s legs are aching from a long night of intense and sweaty dancing 🙂

MCBN: What is next for VAULT?
We hope to host an event once a month going forward. Watch this space and follow on social media:


Win entry for yourself and three friends and meet the event hosts
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Winners announced on Saturday 10:00

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