Cape Town’s hottest kept secret is… literally just that!

Custard X got to taste a hot-sauce that physically blew him away. 

Introducing Fury Piri-Piri, a family recipe that has been the cornerstone of the Cunningham family since 1995 and, over the years, they’ve experimented with different flavours, spices and textures in hopes of finding the perfect hot sauce. & I think they’ve done just that.

Custard X – “Who exactly is Fury Piri-Piri?”

FPP – “Fury Piri-Piri is a complete family affair and comprises of Tony (Father), Cal (Mother) and 2 brothers, Troy and Devin Cunningham. Passion, family, authenticity and tradition are some of the key foundations behind our brand. Tony is the main chili-enthusiast and takes full credit for instilling this beloved passion for all things spicy in The Cunningham lineage. Originally from Durban, we moved to Cape Town and brought with us our rich and intense heritage for hot and spicy flavours.”

CX – “Where is Fury Piri-Piri located? Where can we find you?”

FPP – “Before lockdown, we delivered all over the Western Cape but, more recently, over the past few months, we had been trading at various markets. Here, we showcase our natural, handcrafted range of Piri-Piri sauces that are available by means of physical purchase. We started trading at some of the more popular markets in and around Cape Town, namely; Blue Bird Garage Market, Muizenberg, Chilled Market at the Range, Tokai and Under the Tree’s market, Constantia, in order to sample, give people a feel of our brand and what we have to offer. From there, we have managed to get Fury Piri-Piri into a few Restaurants and Deli’s around Cape Town, namely; Werda Butchery Deli, The Kind Kitchen and Stepbrother’s Restaurant. We’d like to thank the above mentioned for supporting us as a local small start-up – hugely appreciate it. We also generate sales through all social platforms (check below) and word of mouth. When things die down, you can expect to see Fury Piri-Piri’s official website and online store available for public use. After receiving nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback along the way, we decided to keep doing it – purely because of how happy it makes people.”

CX – “How did the name Fury Piri-Piri come about?”

FPP – “After purchasing various sauces from stores throughout the years, we knew that our Fathers could stand its own against other international brands on the shelves. This gave way to the idea behind Fury, which is, by its nature, a 100% locally sourced Piri-Piri hot sauce. The name comes from the pure intensity, love of flavours and obsession with chilies that are featured in our product. Our father has been perfecting the Piri-Piri recipe for many years now and as we bring the depths of Mozambican flavour to your taste buds, Fury promises to give the best-tasting experience that is both zesty and powerful, yet not overwhelmingly hot.”

CX – “How long has Fury Piri-Piri been available to the public?”

FPP – “What started out as just a passion project/hobby – we would only share our sauces with friends and family – but, eventually the following grew larger and so did the demand. Around August, 2019, we materialised our vision of bringing our sauce to the taste buds of all South Africans. As newbies on the scene; we strive to bring the public only the most traditional and tastiest local Piri-Piri sauce that is unrivalled on the market.”

CX – “Tell us more about the Fury Piri-Piri range?”

FPP – “At the moment, we offer Bird’s Eye Chili & Prego Piri-Piri sauces. With undertones of lemon & garlic – all 100% natural and authentic with no additives – we have been experimenting with different variants of chilies and will be looking at expanding our range very soon.”

CX – “What is Fury Piri-Piri’s number one seller?”

FPP – “Our number one seller is undoubtedly our Bird’s Eye chili sauce, although people enjoy our Prego range just as much. In ways, the sauces complement each other in perfect harmony as the Prego Piri-Piri can be used as a delicious pre-marinade for meats and the Bird’s Eye chili can be used as an everyday sauce. To put it simply, they pair well with everything.”

CX – “How is Fury Piri-Piri coping with the current social climate?”

FPP – “As we know a lot of businesses and industries are suffering at the moment, especially the smaller businesses, including us. All we could say as a piece of advice is to support your neighbour. Offer a helping hand and try support local South African businesses when able to. The benefit that a few local purchases will have on stimulating the economy and supporting fellow well-being is vital if we, as a country, are to move forward.”

CX – “In the future, where do you see Fury Piri-Piri?”

FPP – “We are not in it for the wrong reasons; we are in it to share our love and passions for our sauces and products with all of you, hopefully becoming the most well-known brand in our field. When there’s a great passion for something, we believe you can go a long way and that’s what you’ll find in our products. Our short-term goal as Fury grows is, we would like to expand our brand nationwide, and the ultimate long-term would be to see our products reaching restaurants, stores and kitchens across the world.”

CX – “What does Fury Piri-Piri mean to the Cunningham’s?” 

FPP – “Fury Piri-Piri has always been one of our family orientated passion projects, with a few obstacles along the way, we are glad we can finally share with all of you what we hold close to our hearts. We are excited about what the future holds and we will keep pushing the boundaries in flavour.”

Purveyors of Piri-Piri
Feel the fire
Since 1995

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Style: Traditional Piri-Piri  FF Ratio: 10-7 Tempo: Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ set to a techno beat Usage: STAPLE SAUCE ‘FURY’ it may be called, but nothing about this sauce makes me angry. From the awesome label (Vikings and knives!), to the morish, chunky content behind it, everything about what the father/son team at Fury are doing makes me flippin’ happy. Because, and let’s just get this out there: I. Love. This. Sauce. If it wasn’t for what it would do to my eyeballs, I may bathe in it. South African piri-piri (or peri-peri, or whatever) is pretty much everywhere, and it’s all the duller for it. To me, it is a bit like the Parlotones – outdated, oily, wishy-washy, and it thinks it’s popular, but nobody really cares one way or the other. Fury is changing this. Fury uses imported bird’s eye chillies for the the base, and they bring a wonderfully, comfortably persistent heat. The top is all fresh lemon and citrus that, while light and vivacious, never take away from its manly robustness. There’re subtle ‘secret spices’ playing around with just the right amount of luscious saltiness, and all of this is held together by the perfect amount of quality oils (that ruby layer that sits at the top once everything has settled? Yeah, that’s the stuff). The heat is much like the Viking represented on the bottle – full of life and laughter, clamorous and jovial, but never overly imposing. But, there’s a glint in those merry eyes that warns that, if you take things too far, it will burn your churches and make off with your livestock. Add some Fury to your stocks, soups and sandwiches and you’ll lose your mind. Pour a little over fresh, spiced chips and you’ll lose your wife. Those chicken guys with the clever advertising can go eat a dick – this is the new face of Saffa peri-peri! Keep a bottle in the fridge at all times. Origin: Born in Durban, made in Cape Town @furypiripiri #hotsauce #hotsaucereviews #chillisauce #vegan #southafricanhotsauce #africanbirdseye #flavouroverfire #hotsaucelife #hotsauceoneverything #periperi #piripiri #furypiripiri #heatfulthings #bestperiperi #eatyourheartoutportugal

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#DarkSide 2.0 – For a limited time only we have the DarkSide 2.0 made from the deliciousness of The Chicken of The Woods mushroom. – Try it in two ways deep fried with our Cajun mix or simply sautéed with a touch of lemon juice, soya sauce and black pepper. – Placed on a charcoal bun with cos lettuce, mayo, onions, gherkins and @furypiripiri 😊🌱🤘🏻 – ONLY available at Tkk Constantia – #TheKindKitchen #instavegan #proveg #vegan #capetown #veganuary #plantbased #happycow #2020diet #vegandiet #instafood #foodie #plantbasediet #gamechanger #veganfoodshare #govegan #FoodPorn #Eeeeeats #WhatVegansEat #VegansOfIG #InstaYum #BuzzFeast #TheVegansClub #EatTheWorld #FeedFeed #LetsCookVegan #ThriveMags #FoodBlogEats #NoHarmDone

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