Cape Town to employ drones to help combat crime

Photo by Jason Blackeye off Unsplash

The City Of Cape Town is planning to use technology to combat crime.  The city plans to be the very first municipality in the country to employ the use of drones within the police force. 

Mayoral committee member JP Smith told the Weekend Argus that the City of Cape Town has already sent staff for training and that they were only waiting on the official approval to use drones from the Civil Aviation Authority. Smith also confirmed that the City had already spent R 500 000 on drones so far which it plans to use pre and post operations around the city soon.

While the city has indicated its interests in using drone tech in areas such as Philippi where cable theft is rife, it will definitely be limited by CAA regulations as to where and when these official drones can be used.  The drones could also reportedly be used for mass crowd control, anti-poaching efforts and general public surveillance.

To our knowledge, there are no other municipalities in the country that are using drones or investigating the use of drones. Cape Town could be one of the first municipalities to undertake such an initiative. – JP Smith, Mayoral Committee, Cape Town

Cape Town may see the first government-initiated drone security effort but private security companies across the country have been using drones for safety purposes for quite some time already – like the monitoring of private estates and property.

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