Cape Town Time-lapses… BEAUTIFUL!

If ever you needed a good reason to love the mother of all cities called Cape Town, this will help you! Send this to your friends in London and the rest of the world and you will see them running back I’m sure!

Silver Bullet Productions have put together a brilliant video of Cape Town and from the discription, expect to see more! Sweeeeeet!

AWESOME job guys!!!! You make Our/Your/MyCityByNight look even more amazing than it already is!!

MyCityByNight salute you!

Seriously Beautiful Cape Town – Timelapses from Silver Bullet Productions on Vimeo.

Preview of a long term project Silver Bullet has embarked on for 2011, showcasing the Mother city in all her glory! We hope to share interesting and special places Cape Town has to offer, some that even the abundance of our tourists have never seen before…

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  1. Sweet! This vimeo is just what i need to keep my foreign friends coming back for more!!

    1. hahahaaha Daniel: I dont know what that means, but it sounds cool 🙂

      @Landi: Nice… make sure you keep em coming back!

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