Cape Town time-lapse by Rory Allen – A Lapse In Time: Volume III


Rory Allen has released A Lapse In Time: Volume III, an awe-inducing compilation of his time-lapse work across South Africa and everywhere from Germany to Namibia, the Seychelles to Thailand, and Vietnam to Zambia.

“Time-lapse always evokes a lot of emotion in a viewer because they can now see something that wasn’t visible to the naked eye before, which adds awe and wonder,” says the self-taught, Namibian-born, Cape Town-based time-lapse artist.

Time-lapse videos stitch together photographs taken over a long period, creating the illusion of condensed time. Time-lapse artists need to balance the principles of photography with those of cinematography, as they are responsible for photographing each and every frame in what becomes a 25-frames-per-second video sequence.

“When you are shooting, experiences gives you a slight idea of what your time-lapse is going to look like, but you never really know until you have spent hours post processing to create the final video,” says Rory. “So the best part is always right at the end, when you see the final product for the first time.”

Over the past five years, Rory has established himself as one of Africa’s top time-lapse photographers, sought-after for his filmic eye and selective use of motion as a key time-lapse element.

While drones have increased in popularity and accessibility over the last few years, Rory has noticed a resurgence of interest in time-lapse recently, particularly for establishing shots, transition sequences and high production value. “Time-lapse footage always stands out,” he says – while admitting that’s he’s also just bought a drone.

A former digital and graphic designer, Rory is represented as a filmmaker by The Video Cartel and is the co-founder of Bob Loves Dylan, a take-away show series he shoots with local and international musicians.


A Lapse In Time: Volume III

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