CAPE TOWN | The First Annual Science, Consciousness & Ancient Civilizations Conference

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It is with excited anticipation that we await the very first annual Science, Consciousness & Ancient Civilizations Conference, which will see the coming together of some of the world’s foremost experts with a growing audience of intrigued minds to collectively share their insights and groundbreaking discoveries in their respective fields. Michael Tellinger’s publications have established South Africa as a critical link in our forgotten past, making the timing and location of this event even more apt.

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The conference begins on 28 June at the Pavilion Civic Centre, Muizenberg and features an incredible set of speakers, whose presentations will revolve around insights into the power of consciousness, science, ancient civilisations and the origins of mankind, highlighted by recent archeological discoveries from around the world.

Some highlights of the conference will include:

Michael Tellinger

Brien Forester

Dr Robert M Schoch

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There are also limited spots available for an ancient sites tour, guided by Dean Lipriniand this will be a unique opportunity to experience some of the Cape’s, largely unknown, ancient megalithic sites. This will be a unique opportunity to take a trip back in time and get a glimpse of how places like table mountain were so important to ancient ancestors through re-discovered ancient standing stones, sun stones etc.

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