Cape Town Stadium lights from the roof

Now this is what I call awesome, there are still people in and around Cape Town who don’t like the look of the new stadium. Well take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself:





I honestly think that the stadium is looking so sweet, cant wait till its finished so I can go watch a game or two 🙂

(Thanks Sandy)

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    1. how awesome are they? I unfortunately didnt get up there and take them. I was sent them by someone, Im not sure they allow public access onto the roof. I will look into for you though:) The view from up there must be AMAZING!!!

  1. These are fantastic pics! I am sooooo excited about the World Cup, I cant wait to go and watch a game 🙂

  2. Interesting, these pics were sent to me by the photographer, I wonder where Sandy got them 🙂

    1. Sandy got them in an email and sent them to me this morning, I saw them on your site a couple of days back, can I put a mention of the photographers name and link to his site?

  3. Looks very nice, not a soccer fan but I got tickets for the first game there for the World Cup!! woooohooo

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