Cape Town Stadium is ready for the World Cup 2010

This is such an awesome video, makes me proud to be Capetonian… A week and a day to go every one, one week… and one day! I know I have been waiting for this day since I watched South Africa’s name being pulled out of the envelope by Fifa a good few years back in 2004!

I am so flipping excited… I cant wait!

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  1. Let me be the first to comment, This video is F*cking awsome! If you are not proud and amazed at the beautiful city you live in after watching that, in the immortal words of one of those classic Vodacom ads, "Pack your bags, and go!"

    Beautiful cinematography, this clearly took a lot of effort! I hope it is shown internationally before world cup games here.

    Viva Cape Town

    Viva 2010!

  2. Jeremy, you summed it up perfectly there mate! This video is really one of the sickest videos of the stadium and Cape Town in general I have ever seen, its amazing. Love the long street shots… so rad!!!!!!

    I heart Cape Town…

  3. Eurgh, Youtune is blocked at work. Balls! Got my tickets yesterday – getting a Bafana shirt today….I am soooooooooo excited. Come on Bafana!

  4. fucking sick video, got my tickets, got extra 1 for KReg, and already got my Bafana top!!! Come on Bafana!!!

  5. Nice… Thanks Jah, really stoked you could hook it up for me! Legend!

    Need to get my Bafana top and then I think I am ready for this WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nice work mspr1nt, thats awesome! Still need a Bafana jersey for myself… but seriously, try watch that video when you can. its amazing!

  7. i also want a bafana shirt, anyone know where i can get a R150 one as supposed to the fucking R600 ones? i know there were massive raids done where many were confiscated. but the are both made in china, by factories just down the road from each other, i dont care who gets the money, as long as im supporting Bafana

  8. Well I got told by a special source, dont repeat this (and I didnt say it) but at the 4 way robots by chippies in Rondebosch, there are guys selling Jersey pretty much identical to the originals… for R150…

    Hope no cops are reading this otherwise guys are gonna be out of business soon… but in my business complex here where I work, almost every second guy and literally every 4th woman is wearing a jersey, and not me!!!!


  9. Cuzzy, if you come across those guys before me, koop me a R150 shirt please bro. Im good for the cash. roughly ur size

  10. i think its 200 for the almost identical looking ones, i bargained to R170, its a lady and a guy with back packs on, you want the ones inside the backpack which are then inside addidas sleeves…i think asking price is 220 last week was 200, theyre selling fast

  11. Wow its really look very beautiful. i feel more excited to see the world cup as well great city of Cape Town. Cape town also become a point of attraction for the visitors and tourists too. very beautiful video shared by you, keeep it up buddy:)

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