Cape Town “socialites” host My Super Sweet World Class

Anyone that knows me is aware of the fact that I will watch just about any reality tv show, regardless of it’s content. What I really like about them, is standing at the screen and yelling things like “you’re so stupid” and “that bitch don’t love you” – it is very easy to see why I get so involved.

One of the shows that got me going the most (not in pervy way) was My Super Sweet 16, which featured dozens of spoilt 16 year brats having lavish parties that would make event Pdiddy blush (his kid was on one of them). Apparently there is now a new show that is set to air on MTV (DSTV Channel 321) on Sunday 19 February 2012 at 23:00 CAT called My Super Sweet World Class. The reason why I even care is because the show is hosted by Cape Town ‘it girls’ and self-named ‘party queens of Cape Town’ Liz Stone and Elena Pappas. Let’s all just take a moment to say… WTF.

The series shows parties from Sydney to Oslo, Cape Town to the Hamptons and will definitely provide all those that watch with limitless entertainment and in some cases mild rage. This season, the party planning gets crazier, emotions run high and nothing is off limits… “A Magical Garden of Eden” is the theme that cousins and best friends Liz and Elena choose when they host their very own party for My Super Sweet World Class and in a race against the clock, the girls set out on a quest to create the… *yawn* Bored now.

Anyways I think it’ll be cool to check it out, to see how ridiculous South Africans (those of the loaded variety) can be when compared to the rest of the World. If you’ve got the cash why not get Enrique Iglesias to record a personal message for your kids as well as send them on a first class trip to Rome (they actually did this).

Catch Cape Town’s Liz Stone and Elena Pappas on MTV on the 19th of February at 23:00, on the 20th at 00:30, the 21st at 00:00, the 26th at 23:00, the 27th at 00:30 and the 28th at 00:00.

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  1. Anyone else in CT heard of these girls? Are they fabricated for reality TV or am I just so out of touch that I’ve not heard of them?

  2. Sorry who? The irony of them thinking they are so awesome is that they prove to the world how dull and brainless they actually are. If i was these two i would be ashamed..

    1. Hahahahaha, a quick internet search reveals they are both exactly how you picture them and all FB photos are duck mouth pouts… Im laughing at how unsuprised i am.

  3. such a cringe and a total embarassment to real capetonians who are, quite frankly, nothing like that at all.

  4. You guys are so dim-witted. This whole show was scripted for TV. This cannot portray these girls characters in any way. Take your dumb comments elsewhere.

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