Cape Town rated one of the ‘Top 30 Tech Cities’ in the world


Cover Image | from Pexels

It may come as a shock to most but Cape Town has recently made the cut for the top 30 tech cities in the world.

According to the third edition of the Savills Tech Cities index, the locations chosen are important and bustling tech hubs in their region as well as “Venture Capital investment hotspots”. The index reportedly measures what makes a city successful and uses six factors to do so, including; business environment, tech environment, city buzz/wellness, talent pool, real estate costs, and mobility (a new factor only added this year). Cities are then scored using more than 100 individual metrics with the highest-ranking cities being those that make the most fruitful places for tech and start-up companies to flourish.

Take a look at which cities made the cut below and view the full report here.

A Savills Tech City is an important centre of tech within its region. A major recipient of VC investment. A vibrant city in which to live and work and a generator/ magnet for talent.

The top 30 Tech Cities

1. New York

2. San Francisco

3. London

4. Amsterdam

5. Boston

6. Singapore

7. Los Angeles

8. Austin

9. Stockholm

10. Copenhagen

11. Toronto

12. Seattle

13. Tokyo

14. Paris

15. Shanghai

16. Berlin

17. Beijing

18. Tel Aviv

19. Dublin

20. Hong Kong

21. Barcelona

22. Melbourne

23. Seoul

24. Shenzhen

25. Hangzhou

26. Chengdu

27. Santiago

28. Buenos Aires

29. Bengaluru

30. Cape Town


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