Watch | Cape Town Metro Police open fire on a driver determined to escape

Cape Town Metro Police
Screenshot of video captured by Ludwe Simon

A series of clips emerged on the internet this week showing City of Cape Town Metro Police Officers opening fire on a vehicle at a busy intersection on Monday, January 25.

According to reports, the incident started after the driver went through a red light and when Metro Police officers tried to stop him, he drove into their vehicle and caused damage.

The driver then evaded the officers and when they caught up with him and attempted to apprehend the driver, he refused to exit his vehicle, prompting the cops to open fire, shooting at the vehicle’s tyres in an effort to keep the suspect from driving off again.

Although they did successfully deflate the tyres this did not stop the Audi driver from attempting another escape – although the second time, he drove into a steel barricaded garage.

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You can view the incident in a series of videos and images below. The City of Cape Town responded to the incident via a statement saying, “The suspect refused to obey a lawful instruction to stop and exit the vehicle, but instead continued in his attempts to resist arrest and evade the officers after he had already caused considerable damage to property and risk to the safety of road users.”

“Metro Police Officers were forced to take immediate action in an attempt to immobilise his vehicle and this begs the question of why he was so determined to evade them?”

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