Cape Town is your Vegas- travel & party in style

We all like to act like we’re rockstars from time to time. Unfortunately, not all of us have the budgets that most of these guys and girls do to pay for all of the legal fees that result from having “too much of a good time”.

This where the Cape Town is your Vegas concept comes in… It offers up an opportunity to cruise around Cape Town in a limo with free booze flowing while you visit two destinations of your choice. Not only is this a safe way to get around, it also includes an element of luxury with free VIP access to the destinations of your choice.

The limo comes complete with a banging sound system to keep you entertained while you entertain the other lucky peeps you’ve invited to come along. It’s ideal for events like bachelors or hen parties when things tend to get a little naughty.

Give the always friendly and ready to please (yes he’s that nice) a shout if you’re keen to hook something like this up.


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