Cape Town Hater

All I can say, for those of you that have the pleasure of calling Cape Town home, is well… pfft!
I’m totally jealous of the scenery, and the opportunities for a lifestyle that exists only on that side of the country.

There is a never-ending list of exciting things to do. Naturally this differs form person to person and also on what your natural habitat is.
From driving up the most breath taking coastline, lined with gorgeous white sands and the most incredible sapphire yet opaque water that stretch for kilometers at a time, to hiking up Lions Head or Table Mountain to look out over the quaint city, to exploring the local wine farms, to just lying on the beach in scorching temperatures under a sun which knows no end!

I’ve discovered a whole new world that exists within the borders of South Africa, leaving my residence in Gauteng seemingly dull!

So in a manner of speaking, I can understand why most Capetonians have this ‘better than thou’ attitude, but what I can’t grasp, is why when you have this goldmine at your feet, would you act like such brats? I think it’s to keep non-locals at bay. Frankly, now that I’ve been there myself, I truly cannot blame you.
I did have a light bulb moment when I it dawned on me, that there are very many different types of ‘clicks’ in Cape Town. Even sadly more when I realized how close Cape Town is to Sea Point, Camps Bay which is close to Bantry Bay, which is close to everything else, yet there is a major distinction in which areas people say they come from – I thought it was all CT darn it!

One thing that still totally baffles my brain is how people say that they leave CT because there is no money potential there? WTF?! Have you checked the price on some of those houses and flats? What are these people doing? Dealing in drugs? Prostitution? Can someone please let me know the secret of success? I would moved down in a heart beat… although I have been warned that CT is a whole different beast in the winter and when it comes to storms!
So maybe I should only spend some of my summer sessions gracing you crazy kiddo’s with my presence…

Watching Prime Circle play at Kirstenbosch had me frozen in awe at the scenic setting. I had the most AMAZING cocktails at La Med, followed by dinner at sunset – sunset being at 8:30 at night – at Tuscany, and then absorbed the social life at Caprice. I also got to experience comedy at the most beautiful club, Trinity – who makes crackalacking Sush and kick ass pizza! It’s been a while since I had Sushi that good! And yes, I did have dinner at Beluga ☺

There are so many little towns to explore, and the drive out to Fish Hoek was well worth it! Oh and their water is a more appropriate swim temperature. That given, the heat is about 10 degrees less that side too…
I couldn’t have spent my final evening in any better way, than watching the sun go down at Signal Hill.

I still can’t believe how much I got to do and see on my short stop to the Mother City – but I’m blown away. You have a magnificent city. I’m still dazzled by it’s magic.

I cannot wait for the next opportunity to travel down and see even more of the hidden gems that this little treasure chest has to offer – but maybe next time, I’ll fly…

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