Cape Town Electronic Music Festival Remains our Favourite Festival and for Good Reason

Thank you for yet another world-class event Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

Well into its 7th year, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival continues to prove time and time again, what incredible talent lies within our beautiful country. We were incredibly lucky to witness the calibre of the South African talent on display, joining the underground international artists that blew CTEMF away from Friday to Sunday. The main talking point however for most, included the new home CTEMF has found itself. Just 15 minutes from the city centre, the CTEMF team had gone through massive lengths to find the Atlantic Film Studios, situated in Montague Gardens – most of us dancers will remember potentially eating a hot dog outside the venue while our parents went shopping (at Makro) but things have changed and for the best. The venue boasted 4 dancefloors, 3 indoor and 1 outdoor, which I might add were all acoustically treated, with each dance floor providing a different flow and atmosphere. The outdoor stage was beautifully spaced out with enough space for dancing and chilling – we have to commend the CTEMF team on this decision and we hope this venue becomes the home for years to come.

We arrived early on Friday evening overly excited about the weekend ahead and immediately explored the new venue. The layout allowed a perfect flow from theĀ entrance through to the outdoor stages! Upon entering the venue, you’re immediately entering the CLUB Stage, which gave us some incredible performances throughout the weekend & even though I’d like to say I saw more from this stage, the highlights for me included the Paradise Citizens, Raphasosyk and The Hacker.

Continuing the adventure through the venue, you’re lead down a mega corridor (that hosted an epic Vinyl fair on Saturday – nice touch CTEMF) which leads into the RED BULL stage – a room the size of 2 rugby fields, hosted some of the biggest names in the country as well as the finest talents from around the world. Friday night was dominated by Stringrays performance, while Saturday Egyptian Lover stole the crowd with his incredible live show and Sunday we have to mention the Job Jobse into Gerd Janson emotional closing set – the closing set at CTEMF has really become a special set for those that stay to the death. We really need to give big props to the creators behind that stage, the sound, lighting and visuals were insane… The Cube provided a beautiful canvas to light up that arena.

Wandering on from the Red Bull stage, you’ll find the CONNECT stage, a darker, dirtier and more experimental stage, where I found myself quite a few times experiencing new artists, new music and new sounds. The size of the dance floor allowed an intimacy that the other dance floors didn’t give you, providing you with an almost Boiler Room like feel to this dance floor, the DJ and audience connection was palpable throughout the weekend. I caught myself drifting in and out of here finding new music as the weekend went on. Acts that lit up the CONNECT stage for us: Rose Bonica, Floyu, Siphe Tebeka, Mshayi, Pierre Johnson, Ubiza Wethu & Nick Grater.

This left you with only one more floor to attend as you finally come to the end of your meandering mission through the Atlantic Film Studio in Milnerton – The OUTDOOR stage. The whole set up of the outdoor stage had kept that exact CTEMF feel, although quadruple the size, it made for an easy place to relax from all the madness indoors, the food court and chill area was always buzzing, catching up on conversations and bumping into faces you won’t see unless you’re at CTEMF, but more importantly the music on the OUTDOOR stage was incredible. We were lucky enough to be hanging on the JOOX VIP deck which flanked the dancefloor, giving you an overview of the stage and dance floor in front of you. We must give a big shout out of Joox for their involvement and their further involvement in the local music scene, we’re very excited to see where things go for the brand. Memorable sets for us on the OUTDOOR stage were: dwson, Deetron, Da Capo, Enoo Napa, Aero Manyelo, DJ Lag, Sadhu Sensi, Portia Luma & The Other DJ’s.

At the end of the weekend, we were happy, broken down but incredibly happy when Gerd Janson laid down that final beat. Another year, another weekend, another meticulous event was covered down to the finest detail in a brand new home, CTEMF always provides their audience something new, and this year, they did that AND MORE. Bring on #CTEMF2019

All photos by Closure

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