Cape Town Bike Festival CANCELLED.

We got the word earlier today that the Cape Town Bike Festival had been cancelled- here’s the official media report-

Media Announcement:

THIS YEAR’S Cape Town Bike Festival (CTBF) has been cancelled due to lack of sponsorship and ticket support for the top level event. What was to have been a major event on Cape Town’s calendar and Africa’s first and largest bike and lifestyle festival, the CTBF was to feature international artists, riders, expos and celebrities at the Cape Town Stadium from 16-18 December.

“Two weeks ago the company was still hopeful we would be able sell enough tickets to make the event happen on advice that an event like the CTBF is a walk-in event and that significant ticket sales would only start happening closer to the event,” says CTBF CEO De Wet Du Plessis. “Although substantial communication saw ticket sales climbing on a daily basis, viability was not assured and although we have spent a considerable amount of money in trying to realise the Festival, we believe it would have been irresponsible to continue under the circumstances and in the end not able to pay vendors or refund people who bought tickets. “It has been a personal dream of mine to make the Cape Town Bike Festival something of substance and an exciting annual event and I apologise for the inconvenience the cancellation may have caused,” added Du Plessis.

All ticket holders will be refunded and those who bought tickets from Computicket can contact the vendor for refund while those who bought directly from Cape Town Bike Festival can contact the company ( in this regard.  Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment caused.

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  1. Oh my word…I am so bummed now!!! Been looking forward to it for MONTHS…bought my tickets in October already!

    1. Yeah it’s quite a pity that not enough people stepped up to make it viable. It really would have been sick to see all of the crazy jumps etc!

  2. It was overpriced…Not many people have that sort of ‘leisure’ money for one event at the moment.

    1. One look at all of the NYE party prices makes me think otherwise- it’s crazy how much people are willing to pay for a night out

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