Can’t stop fiddling with yourself? The Jerk Shirt is for you

Can't stop fiddling with yourself? The Jerk Shirt is for you

jerk shirt

A company by the name of CamSoda realises that there are some people out there who simply cannot stop fiddling with themselves. They’ve invented something called the Jerk Shirt, which is basically a denim shirt that comes with a prosthetic hand that makes it less obvious to the people around you that you’re having a good go.

This is all very weird for me to understand – I mean seriously, how are you so desperate to have a wank in front of other people that you need to buy a shirt with a fake hand attached to it. It comes in a variety of skin shades for maximum believability.

jerk shirt colours

I’m really really hoping that this is something that going to be purchased as a poor birthday joke or something for a bachelors party. Otherwise it’s just sad… very sad.

Check out the full advert below:

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