Candice Swanepoel in Victoria Secret Photoshop Fail (again)

I’m really starting to feel sorry for Candice Swanepoel and the rest of the super mooiness that make up the Victoria Secret marketing wonder team (lets be honest, these girls sell the merchandise). It seems as if every single time that Victoria Secret decides to sell a new product they feel the need to retouch the already near alien perfection of these mooiness with a bit of photoshop.

In the past we’ve seen girls with missing arms, weird looking appendages and crazy cleavage, all added in after the shots were taken and now our locally born Candice falls victim to a rather large breast (singular). To demonstrate the effectiveness of their brand new 2 cuo-multi-way bra, Miss Swanepoel leans towards the camera and shows off her funtastic cleavage (enhanced by the magical bra). Unfortunately the bra appears only to affect one boob at a time. Photoshop fail… bleh.

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