Canada wins the Lego space race

Aaah. Some nice easy content for you on a Friday afternoon to get you through the afternoon. This week, a video posted on YouTube about the amazing voyage of a Lego man sent into space on a homemade spacecraft by two Toronto students began gaining popularity.

The 17 year old teenagers Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad used a weather balloon that they ordered online to make a Styrofoam spacecraft to send The Canadian Lego man into near space (15 miles into the stratosphere). Canadian media said the pair had fitted a box with four cameras and a cellphone enabled with a GPS (global positioning system) device to capture the journey. This was all turned into a time lapse that makes for quite interesting viewing.

Granted this is a little bit nerdy- I still think its pretty cool. Space travel on a budget…

The whole trip cost less than £320.

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