Canada Has Become the Second Country to Legalize Marijuana!

Cannabis advocates across the world are celebrating as Cannada announced its plans to legalize the herb this year.  The country will be the second and wealthiest nation to pass the law since Uruguay legalized it back in 2013.

The Bill, also known as the Cannabis Act, was passed on Tuesday and motions to legalizes marijuana possession, home growing, and sales for adults. The government will still oversee a few criminal sanctions like selling to minors as well as licensing of producers, managing sales, distribution, and other related regulations such as legal age limit and DUIs. Priminister Trudeau says marijuana will officially be legal by October 2018 and will become the second country in the world where weed can be smoked anywhere.

The USA currently has 9 states where recreational cannabis use is legal while 29 have legalized medicinal marijuana. What a time to be alive!


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