Can your Tweets can get you fired?


Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve sent a Tweets that you shouldn’t have? If these moments have occurred more frequently than you’ve liked and you’re kind of worried about getting fired because of the anti-work, crap-laced 140 character drivel thats all over your timeline it might be best to check out FireMe! from L3S. FireMe! is a website that allows users to check their potential of getting the sack. Users simply type in their Twitter username and The FireMeter tells them their potential for getting fired as a percentage based on the users’ job-related tweets.

Apparently the goal of FireMe! is to raise awareness about what it means to have data and information available to the public online (quite relevant with all those stories of people getting fired and sued over Tweets and Facebook messages).

Check out the site and find out if your tweets can get you fired.


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