Can you tell the difference?

The other night after a bit of a traditional end of night boerie on Long Street, myself and Onaj were discussing the benefit of ordering the Jalapeno sausage with extra crispy onions (they will cost you extra or at least a few well place compliments to secure) when we saw some Thai girls chilling all by themselves, waiting for their taxi home…

Being the complete gentlemen that we are, we proceeded to chat to them and ask them about their experience in Cape Town thus far. After a bit of chatting it emerged that they were both “massage therapists”. The conversation kind of went like this-

Thai Girl- “You know we do massage”

Ricky Bynight- “And what type of massage is that?”

Thai Girl- “Full (gestures with hands)”

Ricky Bynight- “And where is your parlour?” (Obviously I was only asking to be polite.)

Thai Girl- “You know St George Hotel?”

Ricky Bynight- “Yeah”

Thai Girl- “Well, behind there”

Anyways I digress… As we continued chatting to these two Thai ladies I was suddenly overcome with a sense of intense suspicion that one of these girls could be a boy. Luckily I used my better judgement and ejected myself from what could possibly have been an incredibly awkward situation… as I was proved right by a subsequent rendevous with this thai seduction that Onaj had at a later stage- where the friend’s ladyboy-ness was confirmed (by asking… apparently)…

So I learnt 2 very important lessons-

You know how they say you cant find love in the club? Well, dont even start talking about Long Street.

If you for even one second think that SHE could be a HE, you’re probably right…

I thought I might supply you all with a nifty training exercise to help with not getting caught out by sneaky Thai Lady Boys!!

See if you can tell which of the following are girls and which are not… Dont cheat, answers at the bottom… Oh & dont ask where I got the pics from- you dont want to know.









THEY”RE ALL GUYS!!!!!! What the shit…

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank the lord you have that Anthea bird above to help ease the pain of seeing these freaks!!!!

  2. yeah ok you got me! thought hard about anthea too…christ dont tell me she is a oke too! MY SACK!!!!!!!! 😀


  3. Onaj, I know you definitely didn't ask to find out, you found out the hard way didn't ya?

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